My 3 Top Ways to De-Stress After Work!!

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Stress is TOXIC! Bad for your mental, emotional and physical strength.

I’ve never worked in your job, but I know that it can be stressful. My job can be stressful too and I wanted to share some healthy ways I deal with stress that I think can make a great difference in your life as well.

Chronic stress has actually been linked to disease – and if you believe in the mind-body connection like I do then YOU KNOW it’s deadly.

Maybe it’s because the office temp is either sweating hot or freezing cold?
Maybe someone you really need to connect with is avoiding your calls and causing a bottleneck in your project?
Maybe your adjustable wheely chair keeps sinking to the lowest setting?
Maybe somebody won’t pay you?
Maybe your employees are chronically 5 minutes late and it’s driving you nuts?

Grab a pen and paper and give this video a watch.

These are my FAV ways to destress and go back to calm cool & collected.

What do you do to de-stress in a healthy way? In the comments let me know what’s working for you or what you’re going to do to improve.

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