Carb Cravings Ruining Your Health Kick?

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Are your Carb Cravings Ruining Your Health Kick? Here’s a recipe that’ll save you from a late night junk food fest!!

Me & the work wife have been talking about this issue for a while and we started buying these little protein balls to snack on at a local cafe.

We loved them so much we decided to make our own healthy protein balls to have around the office & at home for a healthy snack when we’re stressed and craving chocolate !!

(If you’re going to be emotional eating, at least do it healthy, guilt-free and not at the expense of your waistline!)

These protein balls are the PERFECT late night junk food replacement and/or “dessert” snack at home, at work or stashed in your car for on-the-go munchies.

Filling, easy to make and delish!!

250g peanut butter
1/3 cup honey (or less, your call!)
2 tbsp chia seeds, milled
1/4 cup Goji berries, soaked & lightly blended
1/2 cup almond slivers
2 scoops plain, unsweetened protein powder

Mix the nut butter with the honey and heat in the microwave 30s – 1min to soften. Add in the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly with a spatula. Roll into meatball sized balls. Makes about 16 protein balls.

Refrigerate, freeze some for later or share them with your work-wife!! My calculations say 170 calories per ball, and 8-10 g protein each, give or take!


Other tips not mentioned in the video:

– stay hydrated! When you feel a craving to eat when you’re not hungry, keep drinking water until you forget about the temptation. You can easily avoid that extra 400 calories.

– limit your “cheat meal” to a small serving instead of going beast mode, i.e.1 piece of chocolate vs the whole chocolate bar

– before you reach for processed crap, try fresh fruit first

– keep a portion of this yummy recipe from the video with you at all times as a healthy, filling alternative

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