Sprout Lentils in 2 Easy Steps

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Have you ever wanted to start making your own lentil sprouts but thought it was too complicated or wasn’t sure how to sprout lentils? Or maybe you had them in an amazing recipe like the Chipotle Chicken UNwrap from the Growing Season and wanted to learn how to do it yourself?

Sprouts are SUPER easy to make. Anyone can do it in just a few days and you don’t need to buy any special sprouter equipment to do it yourself.

Why DO we sprout lentils? Well A, it doesn’t have to be just lentils, it can be any seed or legume – peas, wheat seeds, alfalfa, chia, mung beans, sunflower, and you can even sprout garbanzo beans and blend them into your own sprouted hummus YUM!

Similar to sprouting, you can also make your own microgreens by letting these sprouts grow longer to actually develop leaves. Pea sprouts turn into pea shoots. Wheat seed sprouts turn into wheat grass which you can then juice. Microgreens are awesome to add to salads, sandwiches, fish tacos and literally any type of dish.

Ok so why are sprouts (and microgreens) so awesome?

Sprouts not only contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals, but as the minerals bind to the protein they become more usable by the body. We are able to absorb much more nutrition!

Sprouts offer a healthy carb and protein source plus vitamins and minerals. They are also packed with enzymes – the life force. Enzymes are hard to come by if you are eating all cooked food. So we sprout!

Enzymes are amazing for your GI tract, they help you absorb more nutrients, help detoxify the body and they also boost your energy A LOT.

They’re not called the “life force” for nothin’!

Microgreens are slightly different in that they offer the nighest nutritional value with the lowest calories, because you just eat the green leafie portion and not the legume itself.

As you may have heard from anybody who sells nutritional shakes, the produce in our grocery stores are depleted of nutrition. However, instead of spending $100 a month on daily shakes, spend $10 on legumes and seeds and make sprouts and microgreeens.

Nothing beats the real deal whole foods path to health!

Watch my video below for the super easy way to make your own sprouts.

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