Start Exercising Again Using These 3 Solutions

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“I Haven’t Been to the Gym in Like 3 Months!!” This is not true for myself, but I have been hearing this A LOT lately in conversations. If you have been off the wagon and feel like you need to start exercising again, especially since summer is around the corner, then I have 3 great solutions to help you get back on track to start exercising again.

Exercising itself really isn’t so bad, right?

Usually once you’re there and working through the motions it feels pretty good. The hard part is actually GETTING there and PLANNING what the heck you’re going to do.

That’s what this short video is going to cover. You’ll learn 3 ways that will get your butt to the gym three to four times per week to shape that beach body you want.

Here’s #1: Find something you ENJOY!

If you’re doing something you love, then your mission to start exercising again won’t feel like such a chore.

For instance, I’ve recently fell in love with the Krav Maga school here in my home town Thunder Bay. It’s a self-defence system. You’ll learn how to protect yourself, channel aggression, get an amazing work out and the community is awesome!!

I go every week because I truly enjoy it. See? YOU gotta find something that’ll make you WANT to go!

  • If you find pumping iron is boring then try body weight exercises or cardio
  • If you hate leaving the house then find something at home. Get a TRX!
  • If you love the outdoors, then try hiking, running or biking
  • If you have no motivation, hire a trainer or go to a group class where others will push you

The point is find an exercise you LIKE doing!! That way you’ll actually show up!!

Watch my quick vid for the other 2 tips – they’ll have you working out 4x a week and trimming up like Edward Scissorhands.

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