3 Major Energy Stealers That Leave You Feeling Exhausted

The answer behind what makes you feel tired and drained.

Whether it’s the early A.M., the after noon slump, or after work – don’t you feel tired like, All. The. Time?

After you give yourself to your work and to your family, there’s very little energy left over for your own self-care such as exercising and preparing healthy meals.

Reaching your health & weight loss goals almost seems hopeless…there’s just no time or energy left!

You probably think if you take naps and get more sleep then you’ll have more energy. Sorry, but you’re wrong…

(unless of course you only get like, 5 hours of sleep…in that case, GET YOUR ASS TO BED!)

What I’m about to share with you are the top 3 things that drain your energy and are actually the root cause of why you feel tired, lazy and unmotivated to exercise & eat right.

#1. Caffeine
Caffeine is a short-term fix for fatigue. It triggers that initial rush of adrenalin, but then it makes you to crash. You feel even more tired than before and you need another hit of caffeine.

After regular use of coffee and energy drinks, your adrenal glands will begin to wear out and eventually you’re adrenalin stores will be depleted – you’ll start having nap-time in the afternoon like you did in kindergarten.

Energy Boosting Action: Switch your caffeine fix for something with ginseng or maca. These super foods are known for their stimulating, energy-boosting effects.

#2. Simple Carbs & Sugar
Sugar comes in many shapes and sizes such as muffins, syrups, sugar cubes, juice, bread and pasta.

No matter what form you consume, it spikes your blood sugar for a short-term high and then nose-dives straight to sleepy town. This leaves you feeling tired, sluggish and wanting more once again.

You know that afternoon slump you get around 2pm? It’s actually just your post-lunchtime sugar crash!

Energy Boosting Action: This will be easier said than done, but cutting out all simple carbs and refined sugar (or at least significantly reducing them) is certain to flood your body with new-found energy. This is one of the Top 5 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight & Still Be Healthy.

#3. Your Desk Job
When you’re sitting on the computer and become uber focused on the task at hand, you start to subconsciously slow your breathing down.

All of your senses tune into what you’re doing, and your body sucks in only enough oxygen to keep you awake.

This is not good because our energy is like fire…


…and like fire, we need OXYGEN to fuel that energy.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle and you feel tired all the time, then it could mean you’re body isn’t getting enough oxygen to produce energy.

Take a walk around the neighborhood at lunchtime instead of creepin’ social media and literally “take a breather” every few hours at your desk to generate energy.

Energy Boosting Action:
A quick energy booster you can do at your desk is to inhale for 4 counts, hold for 7 counts and exhale for 8 counts. This is Dr. Andrew Weil’s breathing exercise. If you breathe like this 3-5 times in a row, that’s enough to notice an uplifting difference.

If you were ever wondering why the hell you’re always so tired even though you get enough sleep, now you know to swap caffeine, quit simple carbs and BREATHE.

Those were the 3 Major Energy Stealers That Leave You Feeling Exhausted.

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