Top 5 Healthy Methods to Tighten Up for Summer

What everyone needs to know about slimming down ASAP without using sketchy methods.

There are more ways to lose that winter belly than just these 5 I’ve listed. However, I’ve chosen the top 5 strategies based on how effective they are AND how easily they can be done.

Honestly, if you were to spend the next 30 days JUST focusing on these 5 things I’m about to share with you, I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll…

  • lose weight,
  • have more energy and
  • generally feel better every single day.

Each method comes with an action step at the bottom, so make sure this article doesn’t become just another time waster…this time, I want you to actually turn what you’ve learned into real results.

Here we go!

#1. Cut Simple Carbs
Simple carbs are often the root of degenerative disease and weight loss problems. They have little to no nutritional value, they are insanely inflammatory and they pump insulin – the fat producing hormone – throughout your body.

Since simple carbs are also very addicting & you probably eat them all day long, that means your body is producing fat all day long too.

To give up simple carbs or at least to drastically reduce your intake truly does deserve the #1 spot in the fastest way to lose weight the healthy way.

As a bonus, simple carb reduction also sky rockets your energy as I explain in my other article called 3 Major Energy Stealers That Leave You Feeling Exhausted.

Quit eating simple carbs altogether (pretty difficult) or start reducing them by giving up pasta, baked goods and bread. You’ll see your stomach flatten within just a couple of days as the intestinal bloating gradually deflates.

#2. Nightly 12-Hour Fast
We eat food to produce the energy that fuels our bodies for our daily activities, right? So in the evening after dinner when we’re winding down & getting ready for bed, there’s no need to eat.

It’s better to fast before bedtime anyways so your body can reap the full benefits of sleep.

To accelerate your weight loss in a healthy way, fast for 12 hours every night between dinner and the next morning’s breakfast. You fast while you sleep for 8 hours anyway, so what’s another 4?
PS: It’s called BREAK-FAST for a reason. Get it?

#3. Switch All Drinks To Water Or Plain Tea
That glass of orange juice and large double-double you drink every morning is showing on your hips, arms and thighs.

If you’re into high calorie, caffeinated beverages such as coffee and energy drinks, you should know that these not only make you gain weight but they also steal your energy! Check this out to learn about the 3 Major Energy Stealers That Leave You Feeling Exhausted.

Action: Switch all of your liquid bevvys to plain water, lemon water, fruit infused water or plain tea and you will shave off HUNDREDS of fat-piling calories every single day.


#4. Get Adequate Sleep
A study done by the 1University of Chicago shows that if you don’t sleep enough you’ll feel hungrier than usual.

PLUS if the sleep deprivation continues, you’ll not only feel hungrier but you’ll also crave more unhealthy foods.

Most people I know are saying they don’t get enough sleep. Some people I know get way too much sleep (yes, that’s a thing). Make sure you are getting the amount of sleep that’s right for YOU.

Action: You’ve heard a million times that you need 7-8 hours of sleep. That’s true for most, but customize this yourself by going to bed before 11pm on a weekend and watch when your body naturally wakes up in the morning (as in without an alarm clock). It’ll be earlier than you think.

#5. Give up alcohol
Isn’t it funny that it’s a challenge to consume 8 cups of water in a day but it’s SUPER easy to drink 8 gin & tonics in 3 hours?

As long as you continue to drink alcohol every week, you will continue to struggle with losing weight. Every workout or step forward you take will only be counter-acted with weekend drinking binges.

You’ll simply never get ahead if you drink regularly.

Action: Quit drinking OR limit your consumption to 2 drinks per week OR sacrifice an extra carbohydrate serving in exchange for an extra drink (that means no appetizer munchies or 3am pizza).


Some of these tips will be difficult to implement especially if you have a problem with food. If that sounds like you, then check out my other quick article on 6 Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise.


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